World Dishes

A little taste of dishes from around the world.

Coconut Prawns With Chilli Dressing

Pan-fried Shrimps With Creole Mayonnaise

Chicken And White Wine Pie (Pithivier)

Gnocchi With Prosciutto And Chilli

Beef, Onion And Guinness Pie

Tuscan Kale Salad and Braised Short Beef Ribs

Apple And Prosciutto Chicken

Chicken and Coriander Roulade With Turmeric And Almond Sauce

Singapore Chilli Crab

Grilled Black Tip Shark With Fennel And Apple Salad

Grilled Chicken Thigh Fillets With Salsa Verde

Chicken Brochettes With Vegetable Rice

Lamb Shanks With Sun-dried Tomatoes

Bacon and Chicken Herb Rissoles

Pasta Primavera

Paella Valenciana

Saffron Prawn Rice Pilaf

Veal with Capers and Lemon

Spanish Rabbit and Chickpeas Stew

Cider Pork Stuffed With Caramelized Apples

Pork Parcels and Wild Rice

Involtini of Swordfish

Spicy Chicken Tortillas

Warm Chicken and Pistachio Terrine

Ham, Egg and Spinach Vol-au-vents

Quesadillas with Homemade Guacamole

Jane’s Thai Salad

Parisian Shirred Egg


Pork and Veal Terrine

Blueberry Fool

Thai Chicken Balls

Chicken and Prosciutto Parmigiana

Key Lime Pie

Pico de Gallo

Spanish Paella with clams, serrano ham and chorizo sausage

A Taste of Morocco In A Pot

Chicken Relleno – Traditional Filipino Christmas Dish

Lamingtons – Australia

Pavlova Love

Leche Flan

Vanilla Ice Cream with Balsamic Vinegraitte

The Engagement Chicken

Blueberry and Chocolate Chips Muffin – American Classic With A Twist

Chorizo-stuffed Capsicums

Insalata Caprese and Linguine with Garlic Prawns and Chilli

Mexican Churros

Salmon Fillets with Creme Fraiche and Rocket Sauce

Glazed Thai Chicken

Simply Japanese

Lemon Pepper Schnitzel 

Italian Roasted Quails with Braised Vegetables

Greek Lamb Meatball


Chinese Barbecued Wings with Fried RiceRoasted Prawns and Lemon Linguine

Warm Salad of Quail and Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

Poussin with White Wine, Lemon and Rosemary

Zuni Roast Chicken with Rustic Bread Salad

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