Special Request From A Special Guy

Proof that practice makes perfect (or at least a lot better!) I made this chocolate, berry and meringue layers first time six months ago, made it a couple of times after that then again today.  All because my unico hijo requested for it! How can I refuse?It was vaccination day at his school today. My son is fifteen but like a five-year old, doesn’t like needles at all. I find it really cute actually when he said to me last night, “Mama, can you make me my favourite for tomorrow’s afternoon tea? It’s immunization day tomorrow.” Honestly, I secretly like it when he makes requests like that. I love it that he finds comfort in my cooking! And he really loves this one. Chocolate, berry and meringue layers.What’s not to love? Meringue discs coated with melted chocolate, topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. To finish the layers, a meringue disc smothered with whipped cream then dusted with cocoa powder and garnished with fresh strawberries just before serving.It looks like a lot of work involve but this is so easy to make. Have a go and click the link for the recipe.

Pavlova Love


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15 thoughts on “Special Request From A Special Guy

  1. I’m a happy slave to hubby’s cooking requests too! This looks absolutely to-die-for! Must give it a go…

  2. Sometimes we cook for ourselves. And when that happens, we wish there were someone there to share with. So when a reqest is made, one should never say no.

  3. so jealous you could whip up something so gorgeous and scrumptious-looking! yum…

  4. This is gorgeous! I’m just trying to think of which sugar substitutes would work the best for the meringues. I think it will be worth the fiddling about to find out!

  5. Simply Amazing


  6. Drooooolll!! Looks awesome.

  7. I’m sure this took his mind off the vaccination…it looks yummy.

    • Razel on said:

      Thanks, Karen. He really loves this one. He asked if I can make it again in a couple of weeks…with or without immunization 🙂

  8. this makes me wish for an immunization day

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