101 Ways With Poffertjes

Poffertjes or for non-Dutch speaking people like myself, we call them Little(or miniature) Dutch Pancakes. I have read somewhere that a purist may have issues with this as poffertjes  and pancakes have very little in common. Actually, they taste quite different and I find the texture different as well from each other. But both are equally good, yummy and very versatile.

The weekend markets or school fairs are where they normally set up poffertjes stalls. I am a pancake person so when I see poffertjes, I get a plate of those lovely morsels. Simply dusted with icing sugar and butter, they are quite addictive.I bought a poffertjes pan months ago and tried the recipe that came with the package. Didn’t really quite taste like the ones I buy from the stalls. I searched for recipes online and showed them to my Dutch friend. She said the recipes sound authentic but she suggested that if I want to make my poffertjes-baking-life easier, I can just get the Koopmans mix from the supermarket. It took me a while to find this Koopmans mix. Good thing there is now a little Dutch food section at the local supermarket, next to the other international brands of food. It is like the United Nations of food aisle, which is really cool.I was happy with this mix. Very easy to make indeed. No waiting for the yeast, which is one of the ingredients if you are making your own batter, to do its work for an hour. Just add milk, oil and eggs to the mix and in less than three minutes, you’re ready to pour the batter into the special pan.It takes less than a couple of  minutes to cook these tiny treats. Brown one side and just before the batter solidifies or becomes dry, quickly turn them with a fork or skewer.Traditionally, poffertjes are eaten hot, after burying them in icing sugar then served with a lump of butter. But so many ways to enjoy these morsels. You can cook them with savoury fillings like grated cheese, grated apples or even jams. Try dusting them generously with cinnamon sugar.Have a bit of fun and skewer them.Then dust generously with icing sugar and drizzle honey on top.Or if you are feeling really indulgent, how about this?Poffertjes served with vanilla ice cream and dusted with cocoa and icing sugar mix. Now that is how I like them.The possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination and get creative!

I found this recipe for poffertjes, have not tried it but hoping my Dutch friend and readers can tell me whether this is close enough to the real thing.

Mini Dutch pancakes (poffertjes)

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3 thoughts on “101 Ways With Poffertjes

  1. OMG! I so want to make em now. I have this pan that I use for Indian cooking which will be perfect for poffertjes. I do hope I find the mix at my grocery store.

  2. Hi. Great images. Would you mind if I used one to promote our school Dutch Pancake stall ?

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