Sharing The Love

Thankful and honoured once again for these blog awards. Apologies for the late acknowledgment but exploring the great outdoors was just too hard to resist, especially the times when the sun was kind enough to grace Sydney with its presence.

Quite a few awards here with different rules so I will just make my rule and consolidate them and make it a simple.

The Liebster Blog Award

Thank you Lilly Sue for this. I love your blog Lilly Sue’s Bites and Brews! So fresh! And I meant what I posted on your About page. You will be a perfect match for my son if only he was your age 😀

The Kreativ Blogger Award

Aaah…this one is from my good friend … umm …what’s your name again? Lol! Well, I am not sure whether I am allowed to mention his real name James … oops … but DJ, as he calls himself, is one cool dude with fantastic imagination and creative writing. Great chill out music posts from this guy as well. The Written Word

And yes, guilty as charged … thank you for the Dedicated Follower Award you made up!!! Lol. Right back at you!

The Illuminating Blogger Award

First time to get this one from Food Stories. Thank you C.J.  for this award. Your blog is wonderful with all those healthy recipes. I have bookmarked your section on Vegetarian recipes.

Food Stories Award For Excellence In Storytelling
Another first for this award. Thank you Gas Station Gastronomy for this one. Your blog is very very interesting. I like the reviews and all the nutritional information. Love the part where you say “…indulgent and wholly unrealistic.” 😀

Once again, thank you all for these. Common denominator for these awards is to say a few things about myself. I have done so already in the previous awards post and have nominated blogs that I truly enjoy reading. I think for now I’ll just ask the readers and my followers to check out all these lovely fellow bloggers mentioned above.

Happy blogging and reading everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Sharing The Love

  1. Thanks for the Mention Raz, and Gratz


  2. All well deserved. Keep keepin’ on!

    Adore the idea of Crab Omelet, BTW!

    • Razel on said:

      Thank you ….thank you!

      I am getting a bit frustrated with the fact that I can’t get the (American) beef short ribs! But I am not giving up…ha! Will be pestering local butcher shops to get the cut for me.

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