Bruschetta any time of the day.

I am still loving my Italian language course. My fellow learners are all fun and enthusiastic like myself and our young pretty Italian teacher is very good in keeping us all motivated and interested. So the opposite of when I was trying to learn Spanish. I have taken a few Spanish language lessons before and for some reason, I find it a bit boring and the pace too slow for my liking. I do understand that if you are learning the basics, it can be slow indeed but maybe because I can pick up some words in Spanish and I could count in Spanish that after six sessions of learning Spanish numbers, I just lost interest. It didn’t help as well that the teacher was a bit ho-hum.

Last Monday we were practicing numbers where the teacher asked us to jot down numbers (she said them in English) and then we’ll say them in Italian. It was my turn and she gave me the number 14, to which I said with confidence, “catorce!” She burst out laughing and said to me, “Razel…Italian not Spanish.” I get some phrases mixed up too like saying “por favor” instead of saying “per favore”. I was at this Italian providore the other day and thought I’d practice the basic greetings I have learned. The Italian gentleman was very forgiving of my broken Italian and told me to keep on practicing and   buying my fresh produce from his shop. Beneficial both ways, I learn Italian and he earns from my shopping. He runs this one-stop food shop and adjacent café. I had this really nice bruschetta topped with goat’s cheese, avocado and tomato slices last time I had brunch there with a friend. I craved for it the other day, made some and enjoyed them for dinner.Not your traditional bruschetta toppings I know but when you are in Australia, you can get away with anything as far as food is concerned. It’s a modern twist as they say. Ingredients

  • bruschetta
  • soft goat’s cheese
  • avocado slices
  • tomato slices
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • poached egg (optional)

I served the poached egg just like the way they served it at the café. Eggs for dinner…nothing wrong with that. I did not give quantities as you can have as much slices of avocado or tomato as toppings and spread as much goat’s cheese to your liking.Toast or grill the bruschetta. Spread goat’s cheese on each slice. Top them with slices of avocado and tomatoes. Place poached egg on top, if serving. Season with salt and pepper according to your taste. How easy was that huh?

Well, we did not just have these for dinner but I made the Chorizo and Kale broth again. It was perfect as the nights are getting colder this time of the year in Sydney. As I have said before, the broth is a must-try. Nick (Frugal Feeding) was kind enough to share his recipe and since the first time I tried making it, became a favourite instantly.Bruschetta and this chorizo and kale broth – both easy to prepare. Few ingredients with lots of flavour. Italian bruschetta and Spanish chorizo broth…kale is used in either cuisine… mixing Italian and Spanish works here definitely.

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17 thoughts on “Bruschetta any time of the day.

  1. Awesome! I’m so glad you like it so much. It’s funny, you’ve probably made it more times than me! (once)

    • Razel Rull-Navarro on said:

      lol! yeah maybe. I even “forced” a workmate to try it…gave him half of the kale bunch I bought so he could make it himself. Kale is not readily available for some reason…I always go to that special produce shop to buy some. But really, I like it so much! 🙂

  2. love the egg and avo with bruschetta ~ yum.

    6 years of high school spanish then i took an italian class and mixed everything up ~ otto or ocho which is it oh no ~ but to me italian is the most beautiful sounding language i’ve ever heard

    • Razel Rull-Navarro on said:

      Yeah…I love avo much! I agree, Spanish sounds very romantic….Italian so passionate….now that I am learning Italian, I agree that it is such a beautiful language 🙂

  3. The soup looks terrific. Really pretty too…

  4. this looks so, so, so delicious. we agree, bruschetta is for ANY time of day! breakfast, snack, a light lunch, between meal snack, a light dinner OR midnight snack!
    🙂 ~

  5. Awesome, Love Avacado


  6. That looks amazing. I want to make it, asap!

  7. Ok I love this! I am going to make it and see if it works for me. If so, it WILL be on my list of items for our menu at that Bed and Breakfast!

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