Girls on a food trip!

I had one of the best food trips with one of my best pals the other day. We haven’t been out together on a food trip for some time since she was busy with internship and all. So, talk about not doing it for a long time that we splurged!

Everyone who knows me well knows that I love good food, good company and a good place, the fine dining experience. And I make no apologies for wanting that or enjoying  gourmet food to satisfy my ever adventurous sense of taste.

First stop was Cafe Sydney. Rooftop place with spectacular views of Sydney harbour,  we dined at the outdoor terrace, took our time to savour each bite of the delectable dishes and desserts we ordered. The weather was lovely, the atmosphere so relaxing despite the place packed with people, men in their power suits and women in their lovely dresses, everyone chatting while sipping drinks. It was actually festive in a good way.

So, what did we have? We had a plan so we didn’t muck around. We went straight for the mains and desserts afterwards.  I knew straight away what I wanted off the menu list.

Confit Duck, Duck And Sage Sausage, Grilled Fig, Cavolo Nero, Pearl Barley, Jus 

That confit duck served on top of cavolo nero and pearl barley was so tasty and divine!

Grilled Pork Cutlet, Pork Belly, Croquette, Apple, Radish And Savoury Cabbage

My friend was very satisfied with her choice … very crunchy crispy she said of the pork belly and tender juicy pork cutlet.

Dessert. We had no intention of leaving this place without trying their desserts.

Summer Berries, Meringue and Yoghurt Sorbet 

You might ask why I didn’t choose something chocolate-y. There was a good reason for that, which I will tell you later. This one though? Soooo refreshing! Perfect for that warm sunny afternoon.

Warm Plum Tart, Pistachio Crumble And Fresh Raspberry Ice Cream

Needless to say, my friend enjoyed this warm tart with fresh raspberries and ice cream.

The wait staff asked us if we wanted any coffee after that, to which we politely said no. No coffee here because we headed to the Hilton Sydney for coffee and cake, the chocolate-y stuff!  🙂

Hazelnut Dacquoise

I went nuts for this nut-flavoured meringue on top of that creamy filling.


How gorgeous looking was that tiramisu huh? And gorgeous tasting too!

We had cappuccino each with our treats. I am what you may call a social coffee drinker. I don’t drink coffee as part of my daily ritual but I reserve the coffee experience with good friends. So, if I ask you out for a coffee, that will be telling that we are friends. 😀

Now one might ask, any drink, alcoholic or not? Well, we decided to stick with a beer each, which was a bit of an adventure for us because my friend and I don’t really drink beer. We prefer a good cider or cocktail but thought we’d try something different. She had a tall glass of Stella Artois and I had a Birra Moretti

Cheers everyone!

Pardon the not so clear images as we were using our mobile phones and playing with Instagram. By the way, have you guys heard of Foodspotting? I enjoy having a look at what others have to recommend and say about dishes and restaurants they have tried and have been to. Anyone interested to check it out, I have my link here.

Bon appetit! Or since I am learning Italian I probably should now say,

Buon appetito! 😀

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5 thoughts on “Girls on a food trip!

  1. Kaitlyn on said:

    I need to be making my way to the Hilton Sydney!

  2. Wow Raz, Just Wow, Lol


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