Cumin Pork Tenderloin with Moroccan Apricot Chutney

Sydney weather has been really fantastic last Easter long weekend. I enjoyed basking in the sun and just chilling out. My husband and I went to the Blue Mountains region ( a couple of hours by transport west of Sydney ) last Monday and did The Charles Darwin Walk. An hour and a half walk ( because we were stopping to take photos ), it was an easy one and the sound of the creek cascading down the series of mini waterfalls was just relaxing. I was in my element … nature … the outdoors. I enjoyed every moment of it. The town of Wentworth Falls where the walk starts is charming with its antique shops and patisseries offering home-made pastries and delicacies. I bought this homemade Moroccan Apricot chutney from one of the local stores selling preserves and jams. Just the right amount of sweetness,  it was a great complement to the cumin pork tenderloin I made for tonight’s dinner.



1.   Preheat oven to 200C degrees.

2.   Except for the pork, combine all ingredients in a shallow dish. Stir well, set aside.

3.   Trim fat from pork. Add pork to dish, turning to coat. Marinate in refrigerator for 30 minutes, turning pork occasionally. Remove pork from dish, discarding marinade. Place pork in a baking dish and bake for 25 minutes. Cut pork into slices.

4.   Serve pork on a bed of couscous, then top with chutney.

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And if you wanna check out some photos of the walk we did, click here for the link.

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8 thoughts on “Cumin Pork Tenderloin with Moroccan Apricot Chutney

  1. Your pork dish sounds like it was great with your marinade. Chutney would go so will with the flavors you used.

    • Razel Rull-Navarro on said:

      Thanks. It was yum actually. I have tried this cumin pork marinade before and really liked it. The chutney was a very nice flavor addition 🙂

  2. Looks easy and delicious. I love finding shops selling home made goods like that. And we did have the best Easter with the weather didn’t we? I just love the mountains 🙂

    • Razel Rull-Navarro on said:

      Thanks. Yes, we did! I was out everyday enjoying the weather. Me too…I love going to Leura … last Monday was my first time to go to Wentworth 🙂

  3. Recipe sounds delicious!

  4. Cumin…apricot chutney…perfect!

  5. That Looks Great Raz


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