Buns and eggs … and so it is Easter!

Hot cross buns this Friday. I am not into tradition really but hey, Good Friday or not, mocha hot buns are yummy treats. And so are chocolate mousse filled chocolate eggs. My son and I didn’t wait until Easter Sunday to crack these chocolate eggs. We didn’t have to, right? 😀

Hope everyone is enjoying their breaks. I am actually assuming here that there is a long Easter weekend in your part of the world. I will be chilling out and will catch up with you all here in a couple of days.

Happy Easter everyone or as we say it down under, Happy Eastah!

Hot cross buns and chocolate eggs.

Why hot cross buns? Click on the link below.

Hot cross buns… hot cross buns…

Why have the plain ones when you can have the mocha flavored buns?

Why eggs on Easter? According to Wikipedia


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5 thoughts on “Buns and eggs … and so it is Easter!

  1. Awesome Raz


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