Griddled Bananas

And here was what I was preparing while waiting for the Lemon Linguine and Roasted Prawns dish to be ready last night, making use of the lady finger bananas that have been in the fridge for a few days.

Griddled Bananas



1.   Preheat griddle pan over a high heat.

2.  Peel bananas and toss in the lime juice and rind.

3.  Brush pan with oil. Add bananas and cook, for 2-3 minutes until soft and brown. Add lime wedges half-way through cooking.

Turn the bananas once while cooking.

Serve the bananas with custard, cream or ice cream. Your choice! If using desiccated coconut, toast coconut until brown and sprinkle on top of bananas before serving.

Good either as a dessert or afternoon tea.


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4 thoughts on “Griddled Bananas

  1. Yum! These sound amazing!

  2. These sure do look good – I love bananas – will have to give these guys a spin!

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