Nutella Nuts

Three things I like about this treat; it’s got Nutella, it is super easy to whip and it is gluten-free. Not that I am in a gluten-free diet but I know at least a handful of families with children who cannot tolerate gluten in their diet. I am not really an expert when it comes to matters about gluten so to find out more, click on this link . I have not encountered such dietary requirement until I worked as a cook at the local daycare center. That was a fun but at the same time tough gig. It was a shared job, I did Thursdays and Fridays while my friend Lesley did the rest of the weekdays. Fresh from finishing the commercial cookery course, I applied for the job and got it. I learned a lot working from 7am until 2pm, by myself in the kitchen doing everything; from chopping and slicing to cooking and serving  then washing up every pots and pans and plates and utensils. Of course, there was an industrial dishwasher but still, I’d be flat our by the end of my shift. There were 35 children (average) on both days to cook for. There were three groups; 0-1 year old, 2-3  and the 4-5 years old. Not only did I need to remember to cater to different age groups but I also catered for a handful of children who were either on a gluten-free diet, or on a wheat-free and gluten-free diet and there was even one adorable boy who cannot have eggs, dairy and wheat in his diet. It was actually easy because of the special health sections at the local supermarket these days. The “fun” part was organizing and preparing these special diets along with the regular ones. Oh, did I mention that there were staff to cook for as well? A dozen of them each day.  Honestly, I think they were the ones who enjoyed more the desserts and the brownies and slices I made for afternoon tea. 🙂

I was browsing through Pinterest and came across this recipe. This would have been wonderful to make because everyone can have it. I actually felt bad back at the center sometimes serving sweet treats and fresh fruits to most children while the others were having only fresh fruits. There is nothing wrong with healthy fresh fruits of course, but sometimes treats can be nice and fun for dessert or afternoon tea.

Gluten Free (Cheats) Nutella Cheesecake Pots

(Recipe from

Makes approx 6-8 pots


  • 150g Dry Gluten Free Cookies
  • 50-60g butter, cubed


  • 390g cream cheese, at room temperature
  • 50g  (roughly half a cup) light brown sugar
  • 90g Nutella
  • 40g gluten-free chocolate chips

    Special biscuits and chocolates are found at the "Healthy" section of most supermarkets.


    1.   Process biscuits and butter in a food processor until crumbs are formed. If you do not own a food processor, you can crush biscuits with a rolling-pin; melt the butter then mix it with the crushed crumbs. Check this link for tip on how to do that.

    2.   Scoop spoonfuls of crumb mixture into base of pots. I used small glasses but you can use ramekins if you like.

    3.   Clean your food processor making sure there are no crumb mixture left. Process cream cheese, sugar and nutella until smooth. Stop processor, have a taste and add more nutella if you wish. Add chocolate chips and process until chocolate chips are chopped into fine pieces. I made mine with bit chunky chocolate chips.

    4.   Divide cheesecake into pots. Cover and refrigerate them for 6 hours or until set.

    Remove them from fridge 20 minutes before serving so they are not fridge cold.

    Serve them with fresh fruits like strawberries. Really nice treat.

    This recipe can be made with regular biscuits and chocolate chips if you do not have any tummy issues with gluten.

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4 thoughts on “Nutella Nuts

  1. This looks delicious! I am obsessed with anything Nutella!

  2. Love this! I ❤ Nutella!

    Just saw a super easy recipe today for homemade nutella popsicles or ice cream: 8 Bananas and 1 cup of Nutella, Blend in food processer and freeze.

    Can't wait to try it and this! Thank you!

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