Burger Galore

I believe we all love a good burger. I do. I think burgers are the most versatile of all junk foods. And I say “junk” with love. I like trying out different patties … gourmet, exotic meats like crocodile and kangaroo, vegetarian and of course, the McDonald’s.

Classic Chorizo Burger with Smoked Paprika. This was one juicy gourmet burger. The bun was kinda a bit of a let down though but overall it was good.

Something different - kangaroo burger. Gotta say I loved every bite of it. The beetroot and caramelized onion disguised the game-y flavor of the kangaroo meat.

Now this one is my favorite so far. Pardon the somewhat poor photograph of this crocodile burger. It was a bit dark in the room and I didn't wanna annoy the other diners with my blinding camera phone flash. If I didn't know that I was served a crocodile burger, I would have mistaken it for a chicken. It has the flavor of a chicken but the texture of a fish. Served with aoili mayonnaise, this was really good.

From the local Ribs and Burgers diner in our area, these mini burgers are a good way to sample lamb, beef and chicken. The buns here are always fresh. And you know what they say, it is the bun that makes the difference.

Chargrilled beef burger is always a good alternative if you are feeling a bit health conscious. This fogo gaucho burger was very flavorsome.

These mini pequeno burgers can satisfy your craving for something hot and spicy. Your choice of hotness in your mouth, you can ask them if you want it mild or hot.

That M logo at the background is a giveaway. We have here the Big Mac, which to be honest is not the Big Mac I used to devour back in university. They have shrunk alright!

Something in the wholefood department. The macro burger from Iku is packed with a lot of goodness for your body. Made with vegetables, legumes and special dressing plus that steamed bun ... too healthy for me but I love it.

This one I actually made a few months back. It was lemon-pepper crusted salmon burger. I served it on a focaccia slab instead of the regular burger buns for a little twist.

Sometimes we have a “make-your-own-burger” night just like a “make-your-own-tacos” night. I just get some ready-made patties from the supermarket if I want to make things a bit easier.

Got these mini angus burgers from the supermarket. They were really mini, as in 1 1/2 inches in diameter. A couple of minutes on each side on a very hot grill pan and you're ready to serve them.

Just thought I'd be a little creative here so I used cookie cutter to make small round-shaped cheese slices.

I just served the platter of mini burgers with accompaniment and let the boys assemble their own burgers. This was not a very traditional choice of accompaniment though. We had green tomato chutney, sliced beetroots and fresh tomatoes. You can serve whatever you want actually. Your burger your choice.

Mine was the one with lots of chutney.

And yes, we always have fries to go with that!

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2 thoughts on “Burger Galore

  1. wow nice burger gallery there haha. Yeah big Macs have shrunk my dad always complains about that when we go to McD’s. And wow kangaroo and crocodile burger, I’m gonna have to find myself one of those when I go to Oz. 🙂

  2. Razel Rull-Navarro on said:

    Thanks, Marnelli! 🙂 Your parents and I must be of the same generation, gen X coz we remember what a BigMac should be. The Rocks Cafe in Sydney…that’s where I go for my exotic burger cravings 🙂

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