Egg-ceptional Kitchenmate

Separating the egg yolks from the white – what’s your way?

These days there is a kitchen gadget for just about any culinary activity. I fell victim a lot of times  buying gadgets online because the woman in the kitchen demonstrating the gadget on TV, all dressed up and smiling makes it look so easy to use and handy to have in your cupboard. That along with the other tools you bought from every home shop you know, which you probably used just once.

Since I have started baking a lot of meringue-based treats, you could just imagine how many dozens of eggs I have separated with my bare hands. Yes, I saw that technique from Nigella Lawson. The Domestic Goddess looks so sultry and effortlessly sexy while she does that so I have been doing it that way since. With hopes of looking sexy like her while all the while trying to not make much mess separating the egg yolks from the whites. But look what I found! I am not endorsing the brand but this Culinare egg separator really does the job for me. I guess I just got lucky that the first egg-separator gadget I bought lives up to its promise – making life easier.

It is an odd looking tiny gadget. It actually looks like a big very hard contact lens hanging like a hammock.

This one really does the job.

Using it is no rocket science. Simply place the separator onto a cup or bowl, gently break the egg over the separator and drop the yolk into the base of the product.

Simply place the separator onto a cup or bowl and drop the egg yolk into the base.

Now watch the white stuff falls through the gaps into the bowl.

White stuff falls through the gaps.

Now how cool is that? No messy hands. And to quote Jamie Oliver,  Easy-Peasy!

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