Cheat Treat

I give my kitchen oven a break every now and then. No baking. But we still like having our treat just the same – dessert. So, once in a while I whip up a cheat treat. You know … some prepared stuff available from the store. The local supermarket is having an after-Christmas sale  – pavlova bases, Christmas puddings, chocolate treats and all things Christmas-y. I tried their ready-to-fill brandy baskets and decided to make things easy and just try the suggested recipe at the back of the carton. So, here goes.

Ready-to-fill brandy baskets

They come in packs of six brandy baskets in each box. So for this Brandy Baskets with Berries, you will need the following.


1.  Whisk the cheese, cream, sugar and vanilla in a bowl until it thickens slightly.

Put together the cheese, cream, sugar and vanilla in a bowl.

Whisk the mixture until it slightly thickens.

2.  Divide the mixture among the baskets.

Fill baskets with the mixture.

3.  Top with the berries and dust with icing sugar.

I like a generous amount of icing sugar.

Serve and indulge! Fast and easy treat for the family or friends.

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