My Love Affair With Meringue

I love baking. Desserts are more fun to make for me.  I was referred to as the “Mummy Brownie” by my son’s classmates all his grade school years. This was because,  modesty aside I bake wicked brownies, cheesecakes and I can create elaborate desserts. Having said that,  I struggled with baking meringues for a long time. You read the recipe and you would say, well that sounds easy. For most,  easy maybe but not for me. I remember my first batch of meringue a couple of years ago. Total disaster! I had to chuck everything in the bin. My son and I looked at them, tasted one each, looked at each other and then just burst into laughter. I tried again a few months later but to my disappointment, failed again. I was ready to give up on meringue until a friend of mine shared her recipe. Wow! It was worth the two-hour baking time, not to mention the preparation that came with having perfect meringues.

These were gone fast. My son just loved them!

I have finally conquered and won the meringue challenge.  Two things I have learned, one is you should use a very clean mixing bowl and the other one, the egg whites must be at room temperature. Truly enough, my son who loves Pavlova was so glad that I finally can make meringues, which is the base for pavlovas. And so my love affair with meringue blossomed into me baking  more elaborate meringue-based  desserts such as Strawberries, Chocolate and Meringue Layers.

This was just divine. I had to stop my son from finishing the whole thing!

The melted dark chocolate balanced the too sweet flavor of the meringue. I used fresh whipped cream here.

Then a work mate mentioned that he tried using one of those prepared and ready to top pavlova bases from the supermarket. At first I was hesitant and thought that would be cheating with my meringue adventure. But then again I thought, why not?

It doesn't look that appealing coming from a box but it was actually very nice.

A bottle of whipped cream and sliced fresh fruits and you'll be enjoying your pavlova in minutes.

What I did was cut portions and topped each serve with the whipped cream and fruits. A drizzle of passionfruit pulp gave a nice balance to the sweetness of pavlova. The rest of the base I just keep in the fridge for next night’s dessert or maybe afternoon tea. How easy was that?

Now, I have no excuse why we can’t have Pavlova. If I don’t have enough time to whip up one, well a trip to the supermarket is easy. 🙂

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